Strategy Manifesto

The strategy manifesto

  • It is not a pedagogical planning ritual.
  • Neither is it a cumulative tactical definition
  • It is not even the set of "strategic" heroic investments, often badly conceived from the beginning.
  • The strategy is not the durability of business mediocrity.

The strategy, for AM Consultors, goes far beyond the fulfillment of structured formulas, the signing of blank checks and the lighting of candles hoping that disoriented objectives would be fulfilled.
The strategy is a polyhedral discipline, to enable the company's dynamism,and to leave an apathetic, imitative, boring and self-destructive business logic - increasingly present into the market -.

We know that, in our uncertain business present, decision making is difficult, so we are dedicated to defining and helping the company to bet on its own vision of the world. We work, we test and fail until we succesful impregnate the whole structure of these principles, and we catapult the business speech to the market, make them meaningfull and affordable.

In short, we help to think companies, giving them the security to master the market game rules, and the power to move confortably into the market.